Yogi Bear / USA Primary Project





This is a Yogi Bear / USA Project.





Yogi Bear is a National hero in the USA; he lives in one of the biggest and important national wild life parks in America. Your Job is to get to know Yogi and he will travel around America with you to investigate other parks, locations and other fun actions.



Your task is to visit different National parks and Investigate the area, and services of the National Park. You need to report back to the group what you have found. In terms of size, animals, locations, famous points, wild life that grows within the park, with a short presentation to the group.



You get sick visiting one of the national parks and you need to be able to speak over the phone to a doctor and explain what is wrong. With one of your colleagues telling you what to do. If you don’t do it after a certain time your friend will die. So you don’t have much time, the clock is ticking.



Final task is that you have found some treasure in Yellow Stone National Park $100,000,000. You want to invest it into a company as a team you need to investigate the top ten companies in the Silicon Valley and choose the best one to have a return on your money. Again tick tock, time is money….

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