The Wright Brothers / Canada Primary Project




This is a The Wright Brothers / Canada Project.





Can you fly, now yes, because planes were invented. Here in this project you will learn how to build, test and improve the performance of a plane. Just like the Wright Brothers did. Whilst learning how to fly and enjoying the feeling and sensations of flying you will also fly around Canada and learn some cultural aspects of the country.



You will need to build a plane, but first be able to explain how you can make it, construct it and describe the materials that you are using. Whilst building it you will need to test it, again, and again as to improve the design just like the Wright Brothers did. Once finished with the final plane you will need to present to the team how you built it and show the statistical improvements.



Is eating red meat from North America dangerous for the environment?


That’s the question you will need to investigate in pairs and you will need to show the teacher your research and your answer. Once you have investigated the answer you will need to present your findings to the class. Either on a power point presentation or on Cardboard.



Your last task is to take you back to flying you need to build a invention which will give you the same sensation as if you were flying.  All 5 sensations need to be fulfilled. Smell, Touch, Hearing, Sight, Taste. Who can get the closest to the feeling of flying? That’s your challenge.

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