Australia / Kangaroo Primary Project





This is a The Australian Project.




Australia, is big, very big, and its your Job to find out as much as you can do of the past present and future of this magical place. You will go from the south to the North and East to the West. Investigating dangerous Animals to wild open spaces in the middle. To the coral reefs and sharks in the oceans around the country.





First task is to investigate and learn as much as you can do about an animal or location in and around Australia. You will need to present your Ideas and thoughts to the your class.



In this task you will learn more about the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. In teams you will work together on how to positively affect the reef, because at the moment the reef is dying. You need to come up with an action plan of what we, Australians can do to save this unique area of the world.




Working in teams, one of you is an ABORIGINE and you are being told that the land you have lived on for thousands of years you can go on there any more. One is in favour and another is against. You need to battle out the ideas in law court. Who wins the Jury will decide.

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