3-2-1 BRIDGE


A routine for activating prior knowledge and making connections.








The 3-2-1 Bridge routine allows the student to express their opinion with words, questions, and connections that students have previously connected with the topic previously. The "bridge" part of the routine demonstrates the change from previous knowledge to a new understanding of the situation/ topic.




How to Use the Strategy:


This routine can be introduced by starting with the first 3, 2, 1.  So the students put their ideas down about a topic. Then in class, the teacher offers new information or the students investigate further. After the second 3,2,1 is completed possibly with new ideas and understanding. The bridge section is where the students express the differences in ideas this can be used as an oral activity in class.  


Students by doing this share their initial and new thoughts, explaining to their colleague how and why their thoughts have changed. There is no right or wrong answer just an opportunity to give and receive opinions and use this to have a discussion about a topic.

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