6 Project-Based Learning Resources

Project-based learning has started to become increasingly popular as teachers look for a way to catch the attention and naturally make the information stay in the minds of their students. A lot of studies have shown that students who use project-based learning remember the material much longer and have healthier attitudes toward education rather than memorizing chunks of material for exams and then forgetting it the next day. Many web sites with great resources exist to help you find what suits your school, class the best. Project-based learning resources. Here you have 10 well know resources to use and help other, they are tried-and-tested sites and they are sure to get you on the right track.

1. Edutopia. A wide-ranging resource that includes in-depth research on project-based learning as well as examples, blogs and much more.

2. Buck Institute for Education. This comprehensive website offers a deep look into project-based learning, including a plethora of projects to keep your classroom both educated and entertained.

3. PBL Exemplary Projects. This site offers a wealth of information on assessing projects, dives into research on project-based learning and offers many unique projects to try.

4. GlobalSchoolNet.org. Project-based learning can reach across the globe and create unique opportunities for students to work with those in other countries. This site helps you learn how to start a cross-cultural project-based learning experience that is sure to open young minds to the world view.

5. Intel Teach Elements: Online Professional Development Courses. Not quite confident in your ability to launch an effective project in your classroom? These video courses give you the in-depth information you need to move into a new way of teaching.

6. Houghton Mifflin’s Project-Based Learning Space. A brief resource for teachers, this site offers in-depth discussion of project-based learning, including an overview of the issues surrounding it, the student’s role in the process and several projects to get you started


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